Finding Home – A Monastic Journey

Dennis CR writes: “It wasn’t easy finding the right words to explain to my parents why I wanted to give up my job and move overseas to test my vocation in the religious life. I already was serving Christ as a parish priest, so they wondered what more a monastic vocation could offer. And why did it have to be in a place on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean?

The challenge of answering those questions was not mine alone, for repeatedly since my departure people have asked my parents “Why did your son become a monk?” and “What does he do as a monk?” Those questions from their friends and relations often stymied my parents, and this was the initial impetus that motivated me to write a book about my vocational journey into CR.”

The initial edition of this engaging and enlightening book sold out almost immediately, and it has now been reprinted with a new cover, and a Preface from Petà Dunstan, who writes “To many modern minds, even those who are churchgoers, the Religious life seems both remote and unfathomable. So if someone hears of a friend or relative intending to join a community, the reaction is usually a blank expression of surprise before asking the question ‘why?’. In this book, Father Dennis Berk shares with us his own journey exploring a vocation leading to profession in the Community of the Resurrection. The author weaves amongst the facts of his own life thoughts and reflections on the reasons for the Religious life. So this book is more than a personal story. It gives each reader a question to which to respond. Dare we embrace our own Christian vocation – wherever it leads?”


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Author: Dennis Berk


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