Monday 20th April 2020 - Thursday 23rd April 2020

Choices face us within our relationships, work, and ministry. Sometimes we are aware of a specific choice that is ours to make; at other times what we recognise is the need for change, without seeing where this leads us. Sometimes events jolt us out of our former path and we don’t know how to respond.

Drawing on themes and prayer exercises from the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises this retreat, led by Christopher Chapman, will provide the space and resources to explore new directions, as we become aware of the invitation of the Spirit.

God desires to lead us into our own truth: a truth that will set us free and enable our lives to be fruitful.

Christopher Chapman is the former Spirituality Adviser for the Diocese of Southwark. He is an experienced retreat leader and spiritual director and author of Seeing in the Dark and Earthed in God: Four movements of spiritual growth.

Cost of retreat: £210

More information about the retreat

 The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola are used widely in the context of retreat work, spiritual accompaniment and discernment processes. Ignatius helps us set particular choices we face within the larger choice of responding to the invitation of the Holy Spirit. The Exercises contain some very practical guidelines on discernment and the making of a good choice. Ignatius is also concerned to help us work through the muddle of our experience. How do we recognise the invitation of the Spirit amidst the different pulls of our thoughts, feelings, desires and fears?

Within the retreat we will relate these insights to our individual circumstances. After each input session you will be provided with a range of prayer and reflection materials to use as is helpful. Though the retreat will not be totally silent, during these periods I will suggest we keep a quiet in the house to give one another the space to listen to what is stirring in our own spirit and be attentive to the invitation of the Holy Spirit.

Each day will include a reflection session where we will be able to digest more fully what we have experienced, ask questions and explore the issues that come up. This process of going deeper into what has taken place for us, and noticing those things that are significant, is very much within the spirit of the Exercises.

Christopher will also be available for anyone who wants to talk one-to-one during the retreat.