CR are raising money to support a schools gardening project in the Masvingo diocese in Zimbabwe. This is a very dry and poor area, the rural people of Zimbabwe live constantly with the fear of crop failure. When this happens there is simply no food, except what Aid organisations can bring in.

The project will create vegetable gardens at four schools, enabling them to grow their own produce. Children especially need good food so that they can grow up healthy. They need regular food so that they can walk long distances to school and have the energy to pay attention in class. Education is their one hope of escaping the poverty trap.

Brethren, students and friends of CR will be undertaking various challenges to raise money for this project.

Fr Antony has completed his 20 mile walk!

As part of the challenge Fr Antony walked 20 miles over 24 days!

Chris Townsend who is currently a long term guest at CR has also taken up the challenge. Chris is hoping to run 200km over the next few weeks to raise money for this project. Chris has started his running and is already half way through his challenge!

Watch this space for more challenges over the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to sponsor any of the challenges please click here.

For more information please email