Companions of the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield  

as at October 2019

The Companions Prayer

O God, by the glorious resurrection of your Son Jesus Christ,

You have brought life and immortality to light.

Give us grace to die to sin, that we may ever live with you in the joy of his resurrection,

Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever. Amen

Tuesday 1 January

Michael Aiers

Elliott Allison

Peter Ashley-Mudie

Philip Atherton

Hilary Atkins

Tuesday 8 January

Stephen Attwater

Keith Battarbee

Hugh Bearn

Rachel Beck


Tuesday 15 January

Arthur Bell

Geoffrey Berry

Michael Blackman

Linda Blenkinship


Tuesday 22 January

Chris Blyth

Sheila Bolton

Derek Booth

Hilary Brazier

Allen Briscoe

Tuesday 29 January

Pauline Briscoe

Andrew Brown

Liz Brown

Jim Bryan

Tuesday 5 February

Sandra Buckley

Christopher Burdon

Patricia Burgin

Daniel Burton

Tuesday 12 February

Lettice Buxton

Betty Cawthorne

Tom Clammer

Richard Coles

Pauline Colwell

Tuesday 19 February

Sydney Connolly

Glyn Conway

Carol Cormack

Margaret Coser


Tuesday 26 February

John Cree

Donna Crow

John Cumins



Tuesday 5 March

Ian Davies

Vanessa Dixon

William Dixon

David Duce


Tuesday 12 March

Julian Dunn

Nita Edwards

David Emmott


Tuesday 19 March

Andrew Fenby

Catherine Fearnley

Gerald Field


Tuesday 26 March

John Flack

Stephen Foster

Marion Fry

Brenda Furminger


Tuesday 2 April

Mick Futers

Felix Gamboa

Fred Gault

Lorna Gilchrist


Tuesday 9 April

Peter Godden

Ben Gordon Taylor

John Gore

Malcolm Goth


Tuesday 16 April

Pamela Gould

Julian Gray

Michael Greene

Jonathan Greener

Brenda Greig

Tuesday 23 April

Chris Groocock

Jean Haigh

Catherine Hardy

Andre Hart

Jorunn Hawkins

Tuesday 30 April

Jorunn Hawkins

Raphael Hess

Jennefer Higginbottom

Matthew Hill


Tuesday 7 May

Sean Hinchliffe

Ian Hollin

Valerie Hughes

Cecile Ineichen

Tuesday 14 May

Freda James

Guy Jamieson

Richard Jenkins

Jim Johnson

Tuesday 21 May

Keith Johnson

Dirk Juttner

Neil Kelley

Frank Kendal

Tuesday 28 May

Teresa Kennard

David Kent

Christopher Ketley

Penny King

Tuesday 4 June

Antony Kirby

Kathy Kirby

Ian Knowles

Millicent Kuzwayo

Tuesday 11 June

Bruce Lamb

James Lawson

Olwyn Leadstone

Cynthia Lewis

Tuesday 18 June

Kerry Lewis

Ann Limmer

Michael Longhorn


Tuesday 25 June

Paul Mabbott

Brian Maguire

Michael Maine


Tuesday 2 July

Bernard Mambwe

Geoffrey Mayers

Pat McDonagh

John Medforth

Tuesday 9 July

Arthur Middleton

Michael Middleton

Darron Misplon

Bradley Moloi

Tuesday 16 July

Bruce Moore

Christine Moore

Douglas Moore

Peter Moorhouse

Tuesday 23 July

Norman Morris

Jessica Mullin

John Munns


Tuesday 30 July

Jean Murray

Judith Napper

Nicolas Nawrockyi

Russ Naylor

Tuesday 7 August

Peter Nissen

Stephen Nolan

Luyanda Nyubuse


Tuesday 13 August

Mark Osborne

Julian Ould

John Page

Jean Pailing

Tuesday 20 August

Maureen Palmer

Shirley Papworth

Janet Parkins

John Payne-Cooke

Tuesday 27 August

Mary Payne-Cooke

Thomas Peacey

Brenda Pike

Michael Pollit

Tuesday 3 September

Ian Pople

Dennis Potter

David Powell

Peter Ramsden

Tuesday 10 September

Nicholas Reade

Eleanor Relle

David Rennison

Peter Rhys Thomas

Tuesday 17 September

Sylvia Rigby

Anne Robinson

Derek Roper

Martin Russell

Tuesday 24 September

Olive Saunders

Claire Scargill

Carl Schaefer


Tuesday 1 October

Alma Servant

Shane Seymour

David Sharpe

David Simon

Tuesday 8 October

Kevin Sims

Clive Smith

Simon Smith

John Snape

Tuesday 15 October

Hywel Snook

Lee Spragg

Michael Stocks

David Sweeney

Tuesday 22 October

Stanley Swift

Heather Swiatyj

Sue Tatton-Brown

Paul Taylor


Tuesday 29 October

James Tomba

Kevin Tromans

Daniel Tsoi

Roger Turner


Tuesday 5 November

David Uffindell

Graham Vahey

Pamela Vaughn

Robin Waite

Pauline Ward

Tuesday 12 November

Alan Warner

David Warner

Margaret Warner

Bill Warren


Tuesday 19 November

Peter Waterhouse (Ilkley)

Peter Waterhouse (Whickham)

David Wells

Nadine Wharton

Iain Whitlam

Tuesday 26 November

Ronald Whittingham

Alan Wilkinson

Joan Wilkinson

Brian Williams

Linda Williams

Tuesday 3 December

Richard Williams

John Wilmer

Adam Wilson

Shirley Wilson

Tuesday 10 December

Phyllis Wood

Cecily Worrall

David Wright

Ian Wright

Tuesday 17 December

Vivienne Wright

Margaret Yates

Pat Yates

Anne Young

Steven Young






Tuesday 24 December

New Companions 2019

Chris Davidson

Dennis Le Seuer

Mzwabantu Magadla

Myfanwy Hess

Julia Mann

Rex Matthias

Richard Owen

Judith Gallagher